As a little one, I wanted to dress fabulously, save animals & protect the planet.
To be honest, not much has changed.

I started my love affair with vintage in middle school and quickly became a hoarder.
I began to see clearly the connection between fast fashion & the destruction of mama earth. I could see the landfills piling up with thousands of pounds of junk clothing and I recognized vintage was not only generally more fabulous - it was a choice we could make to drastically reduce our impact on planet earth's rivers, mountains, plants, animals & fellow humans.

I pursued the demands of my thirsty mind and received a degree in Environmental Studies from UCSC.
Since then, I've committed my time to reducing the footprint of fashion on Mama Earth and studying herbalism.

Now nestled in the little mountain town of Nevada City, CA - myself, my partner and our growing baby collectively dig for treasures and breathe life back into them.

Thank you for supporting our passion, our family & the earth.
Lots of Love xx